The DVI Group Hires New Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development: Craig D’Egidio The DVI Group, an award-winning, creative video agency, is pleased to announce the appointment of Craig D’Egidio as Director of Business Development. Craig is responsible for building new business relationships and further developing The DVI Group’s current customer base. Utilizing both an advanced technical mindset and a creative business perspective,...

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Scriptwriting: How to write script for video.

How to Write Script for Video

Scriptwriting for Video Writing for video can be tough. Even if you’re a writer, video scripts are very different from print materials. Learning how to write script for video requires a slightly different approach than writing for print or web. A professional video production partner will be able to help you get your script where it needs...

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The DVI Group named 2016 top video production agency by Clutch.

The DVI Group made the List of Top Video Production Agencies

Top Video Production Agencies In a press release today, B2B research firm, Clutch published a research report naming The DVI Group one of the Top Video Production Agencies from around the world. Clutch’s Leaders Matrix methodology is used to analyze the data and produce the report. This methodology evaluates each agency’s focus on video production services and their...

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Short-Form Video: Marketing to Goldfish

According to a consumer insight study, the human attention span has diminished to less than that of a goldfish. Learn about the role short-form video plays in marketing to decreasing attention spans.

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A fantastic group of talented people…

A fantastic group of talented people who are extremely patient and easy to work with. We are so pleased with the finished product, and very proud to use it as part of our new business marketing initiative. Thanks to everyone at The DVI Group, Stonemark looks forward to doing business with you again!

Stacie A.
Stonemark Management

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Top 10 Best Video Production Companies

DVI Named One of the Top 10 Online Video Production Companies

Named One of the Top 10 Online Video Production Companies It’s always nice to start the year off with a bang and 2016 is no exception for DVI.  The DVI Group was recognized as one of the Top 10 Online Video Production Companies by 10 Best Production. About 10 Best Production The 10 Best Production team is...

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Why Quality Video Production Matters in Marketing

You know it when you see it.  A great video.  A real grabber that makes the audience jump up and take action.  What makes these videos so effective?  There’s no mystery.  It’s just quality video production. If you are thinking about making a video, make sure you’re considering these quality video production factors. #1- CYB...

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Why You Want a Partner Instead of Video Vendors

Why You Want a Partner Instead of a Video Vendor “Vendor” is a Bad Word When it Comes to Video Production We get a lot of calls from companies looking for video production vendors, and we’re always happy to accommodate them, but thinking about your video production company as a “video vendor” is a good...

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Independence from Bad Video

Independence from Bad Video You made a video.  It was important to you.  You put your energy and resources into the project because you want to get across a message. But it didn’t work and now you’re stuck wondering why.  Here are several ways to set yourself free from your bad video. 1. Ignore it....

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