Busting Video Production Myths

Four Video Production Myths That We Can’t Wait to Bust

People are really into video. Like, really into it. To the tune of 6 million unique views on YouTube every single day.

Most of the time, that’s amazing for us as producers of video marketing content. Unfortunately, the public fascination with video has also created some dangerous video production myths that are in serious need of busting.

Here’s our top list of video production myths and misconceptions:

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Generate 2016 Animation Challenge

DVI Hosts SCAD’s 10th Anniversary “Generate” Competition

A team of friends, lots of coffee, and a drive to create.  That’s what SCAD Atlanta students brought to the table for the 10th anniversary of Generate: A 24 hour, cross discipline art challenge.  Two weekends ago, the best and the brightest at SCAD came together to pull an all-nighter, and test their skills.  Every...

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Tips for Mobile Video Content

Tips to Win at Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile video is becoming more and more important as a marketing tool.  98% of millennials report watching mobile video on a daily basis, and the average viewer watches 6.3 hours of video on his or her phone every week. Statistics like these highlight that now more than ever, you need to think “mobile first”.

We’ve put together our best tips to help you win at mobile advertising.

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Custom Sales Video Example

6 Unique Custom Sales Video Examples

Even though we talk about sales video as a category, there’s no hard and fast rule. Every company, and every sales process is a little bit different.

A good sales video isn’t pulled off the rack, it’s custom tailored to fit the message, and the organization. A good sales video doesn’t have one shape or size. If the video enhances your sales pipeline, then you’re looking at a sales video.

Let’s look at a few examples to see how we customized video to fit different sales cycles.

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Audience Recall Confusion

Lessons on Audience Recall from NPR’s “Marketplace”

Communicating complicated info poorly has the potential to wreck audience recall & retention rate.

What calculations are you asking your audience to make?

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Demorrius Sims attends SIGGRAPH 2016

Demorrius Sims at Siggraph 2016: It was all about Virtual Reality

The DVI Group’s visual artist, Demorrius Sims, recently attended the annual SIGGRAPH conference in Anaheim, California. My Experience at SIGGRAPH 2016 If I had to describe Siggraph to someone, I would likely say that it’s what happens when you fill a convention center with some of the smartest scientists, artists, and production managers in the...

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Video Storytelling Marketing

Powerful Reasons to Use Video Storytelling Marketing

Why is storytelling in marketing so effective? Numerous studies over the years have shown that human brains are far more engaged by storytelling than by dry facts. Why is that? As it turns out, science tells us that stories are far more than just entertainment. Besides the fact that we have a primordial connection to stories, they are also...

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Spotlight on The DVI Group Client Reviews

We’re proud of the work we do with clients, but we are even more proud of the positive reviews we strive to earn.

In this post, we highlight the independent client reviews of The DVI Group collected earlier this year by Clutch as part of the evaluation process for being named a 2016 Top Video Production Company.

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Visual & Special Effects for Videos

The Benefits of Visual & Special Effects for Videos

Visual Effects & Special Effects for videos are powerful storytelling tools that help us create more engaging stories in our video productions.

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