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A Drone used in footage for video production

3 Reasons You Should Put Drone Footage in Your Next Video

When video marketing or training offers viewers diverse shots, engaging actors, and a compelling storyline, viewers are much more likely to stay engaged with the video’s messaging. Enter drone footage! You’ve probably seen it before: those beautiful, exciting aerial shots that pan smoothly over enticing landscapes and cityscapes. Those types of shots used to be...

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How To be Creative in Video Production During COVID-19

How to Make Soup from Leftovers: Creative Production During COVID-19

We know, we know—this pandemic is getting to us all. And yet, business must go on: companies are cautiously opening up their brick-and-mortar locations, video agencies (like us) are booking filming locations, and we’re all starting to implement the many social distancing guidelines that form new public space norms. But the way we do business...

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Kevin - Sales

Introducing Our New VP of Sales and Business Development: Kevin Ford!

The DVI Group is incredibly excited to welcome aboard our new Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Kevin Ford! Kevin brings more than 20 years of experience in high-quality client service, revenue generation, and strategic partnership building to our growing team of talented individuals. A bit about Kevin After earning his degree in Business...

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What We Really do in the Studio

What We Really Do in the Studio

It’s a brisk winter morning in Atlanta, and the clock is approaching 7:00 AM. Weak, smoky tendrils of fog drift around the repurposed industrial buildings of the burgeoning Westside as a small fleet of cars begins to arrive at a film studio development. Our grips, camera experts, and production managers trickle into the loading dock...

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Future Proofing Your Video Content

3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Video Content

Digital communication, and the strategies that accompany it, are changing every second of every day. Customers’ needs change from minute to minute, and you need to keep up with growing demand in a way that preserves your brand and core messages. You also need to stay on top of additional types of change: today’s professionals...

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PR as a Force for Good - Public Relations Concept

PR Video as a Force for Good

Video’s humanizing and emotive effects are especially useful in the world of public relations (PR), where bringing relatability to corporate brands is the name of the game. Often, PR videos may have an edge to them: they control the story and pitch what you need people to hear, sometimes under difficult circumstances. But for right...

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The DVI Group's Favorite Holiday Movies

Our Top 8 Favorite Holiday Movies!

What do you get when you ask a group of passionate video creatives what their top rated, not-to-be-missed, absolute favorite holiday movies are? Lots of answers. And we do mean lots. But in the end, only the movies with the most internal votes were picked for a feature spot on our authoritative list of The...

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Video Communication Trends to Watch in 2020

3 Communication Trends to Watch in 2020

There’s a lot of growth headed our way in 2020. We’ve got the scoop on some exciting video and communication trends that brands are already taking note of, so take a look at our top-3 roundup for some ideas on how to kick your 2020 communications off right! 1. Social video sells…bigtime. By now, everyone...

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Tis the Season to Gather - The DVI Group Team

‘Tis the Season to Gather

It’s that time of the year again: the time when we all haul out our festive decorations, ready our stomachs, and pack our bags for travel. The time when we may gather with family members, friends, or other shared communities to celebrate peace and prosperity. For creatives in particular, this time of the year can...

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