Video Production

Being Natural on Camera

The Complete Guide to Being a Natural on Camera

“For this video project, we want you on camera.” Do the words above inspire excitement? Fear? Fond memories of that long-forgotten dream to become a Hollywood actor? More often than you think (and sometimes more often than you wish), your communications director or head of HR-or even a marketing manager-will come knocking with a new...

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A Drone used in footage for video production

3 Reasons You Should Put Drone Footage in Your Next Video

When video marketing or training offers viewers diverse shots, engaging actors, and a compelling storyline, viewers are much more likely to stay engaged with the video’s messaging. Enter drone footage! You’ve probably seen it before: those beautiful, exciting aerial shots that pan smoothly over enticing landscapes and cityscapes. Those types of shots used to be...

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How To be Creative in Video Production During COVID-19

How to Make Soup from Leftovers: Creative Production During COVID-19

We know, we know—this pandemic is getting to us all. And yet, business must go on: companies are cautiously opening up their brick-and-mortar locations, video agencies (like us) are booking filming locations, and we’re all starting to implement the many social distancing guidelines that form new public space norms. But the way we do business...

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Future Proofing Your Video Content

3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Video Content

Digital communication, and the strategies that accompany it, are changing every second of every day. Customers’ needs change from minute to minute, and you need to keep up with growing demand in a way that preserves your brand and core messages. You also need to stay on top of additional types of change: today’s professionals...

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Erin Thompson Production Manager

Behind the Scenes: Production Management

I used to be surprised when one of my tasks for the day was to find a DJ booth or a gold metallic speedo for a shoot, but after 3+ years, it’s just another day as a Production Manager. From the outside, managing a production may seem like fun and games: filming on the beach,...

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7 Types of Explainer Videos with Examples

7 Types of Explainer Videos (with Examples)

Explainer videos can have a powerful impact on their audiences. In this blog post we look at examples of the main types of explainer videos and the reasons why they are so effective for businesses.

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Video Production Cost Guide

Video Production Cost Guide

  How much does making a video cost? Overwhelmingly, this is the most common question we get. It’s a tough one to answer. Producing a video is an important investment for any company, and finding the right solution needs to be handled with care and attention to detail. We know that’s not a very helpful...

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Choosing a video company

Choosing a Video Company: Videographer vs Production Company vs Agency

You know the story.  Three pigs.  Three houses (straw, sticks, bricks).  The straw house pig built his on the cheap, as did the stick house pig.  And because they lowballed it, the wolf gobbled them up. The brick house pig, on the other hand, lived happily ever after in his sturdy domicile. A significant proportion...

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Video Marketing Strategies and Trends

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing continues to grow and will keep expanding. If your business isn’t using video as a marketing channel yet, it shouldn’t be long before you make the leap and start considering video marketing strategies in your plan.

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