Creative for Video

5 Signs that your Creative is Great

Coming up with great creative for video is tricky. If you’re not sure your agency is handling the challenge, test their last idea with this list.

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Choosing a video company

Choosing a Video Company: Videographer vs Production Company vs Agency

You know the story.  Three pigs.  Three houses (straw, sticks, bricks).  The straw house pig built his on the cheap, as did the stick house pig.  And because they lowballed it, the wolf gobbled them up. The brick house pig, on the other hand, lived happily ever after in his sturdy domicile. A significant proportion...

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Starting a Video Project

Starting a Video Project? 5 Questions you Should Consider

For many marketers, the first foray into video content can be a scary one. If you’re not prepared, wading into new territory can easily leave you frustrated, disoriented, and super stressed out. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of questions that every marketer should ask themselves before starting a new video project.

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Kodak Moments: Holiday Craft Video

We built a series of shareable videos for the Kodak Moments app to show consumers some unconventional uses for printed photographs. Great art direction really drives home the seasonal message in these social media marketing videos.  This video shows a quick way to make picture ornaments to decorate with this holiday season.

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Generate 2016 Animation Challenge

DVI Hosts SCAD’s 10th Anniversary “Generate” Competition

A team of friends, lots of coffee, and a drive to create.  That’s what SCAD Atlanta students brought to the table for the 10th anniversary of Generate: A 24 hour, cross discipline art challenge.  Two weekends ago, the best and the brightest at SCAD came together to pull an all-nighter, and test their skills.  Every...

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A fantastic group of talented people…

A fantastic group of talented people who are extremely patient and easy to work with. We are so pleased with the finished product, and very proud to use it as part of our new business marketing initiative. Thanks to everyone at The DVI Group, Stonemark looks forward to doing business with you again!

Stacie A.
Stonemark Management

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Why Quality Video Production Matters in Marketing

You know it when you see it.  A great video.  A real grabber that makes the audience jump up and take action.  What makes these videos so effective?  There’s no mystery.  It’s just quality video production. If you are thinking about making a video, make sure you’re considering these quality video production factors. #1- CYB...

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Why You Want a Partner Instead of Video Vendors

Why You Want a Partner Instead of a Video Vendor “Vendor” is a Bad Word When it Comes to Video Production We get a lot of calls from companies looking for video production vendors, and we’re always happy to accommodate them, but thinking about your video production company as a “video vendor” is a good...

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Independence from Bad Video

Independence from Bad Video You made a video.  It was important to you.  You put your energy and resources into the project because you want to get across a message. But it didn’t work and now you’re stuck wondering why.  Here are several ways to set yourself free from your bad video. 1. Ignore it....

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