Think it Through


5 Ways to Staycation in Style

We all have to admit: the world looks very different right now, and it’s exhausting. Considering the current state of the economy, the commotion of an election year, and continuing coronavirus-related separation between some people and their loved ones, this is a time when nearly everyone deserves to take at least a weekend getaway. That’s...

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Future Proofing Your Video Content

3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Video Content

Digital communication, and the strategies that accompany it, are changing every second of every day. Customers’ needs change from minute to minute, and you need to keep up with growing demand in a way that preserves your brand and core messages. You also need to stay on top of additional types of change: today’s professionals...

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What is branded content and why does it matter?

What is Branded Content and Why It Matters?

What in the world is branded content? If you are in the marketing, advertising or entertainment world, you probably hear this phrase thrown around more and more, but few really understand what it is. Branded content is a blend of marketing, social connectivity, and (most importantly) storytelling. It approaches consumers from an emotional and personal level....

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Creative for Video

5 Signs that your Creative is Great

Coming up with great creative for video is tricky. If you’re not sure your agency is handling the challenge, test their last idea with this list.

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Busting Video Production Myths

Four Video Production Myths That We Can’t Wait to Bust

People are really into video. Like, really into it. To the tune of 6 million unique views on YouTube every single day.

Most of the time, that’s amazing for us as producers of video marketing content. Unfortunately, the public fascination with video has also created some dangerous video production myths that are in serious need of busting.

Here’s our top list of video production myths and misconceptions:

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Audience Recall Confusion

Lessons on Audience Recall from NPR’s “Marketplace”

Communicating complicated info poorly has the potential to wreck audience recall & retention rate.

What calculations are you asking your audience to make?

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Short-Form Video: Marketing to Goldfish

According to a consumer insight study, the human attention span has diminished to less than that of a goldfish. Learn about the role short-form video plays in marketing to decreasing attention spans.

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Targeting a Millennial Audience

Want to target a millennial audience?  Digiday has some tips for publishers that could apply just as easily to video content. “I don’t think the case for writing for or advertising to ‘millennials’ is a particularly strong one,” said Jamie Beckland vp, marketing at Janrain . “It doesn’t make sense to think of them all as...

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Crystal Ball

CRYSTAL BALL Wish you had a Crystal Ball? If you did, you might be able to predict what future consumers will respond to. In the past, advertisers have tried to appeal to consumers with sales strategies that tout the merits of a product. But, the way that consumers respond to those sales pitches has evolved....

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