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Creative for Video

5 Signs that your Creative is Great

Coming up with great creative for video is tricky. If you’re not sure your agency is handling the challenge, test their last idea with this list.

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Choosing a video company

Choosing a Video Company: Videographer vs Production Company vs Agency

You know the story.  Three pigs.  Three houses (straw, sticks, bricks).  The straw house pig built his on the cheap, as did the stick house pig.  And because they lowballed it, the wolf gobbled them up. The brick house pig, on the other hand, lived happily ever after in his sturdy domicile. A significant proportion...

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he DVI Group rated in the Top 5 Video Production Agencies

The DVI Group Ranked a Top Video Production Agency

The DVI Group is at the Top of the 2017 Clutch List of Video Production Companies A recent research report and related press release from B2B research firm, Clutch names The DVI Group one of the Top Video Production Agencies. Clutch is a ratings and reviews site based in DC. They cover agencies with various specialities...

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Starting a Video Project

Starting a Video Project? 5 Questions you Should Consider

For many marketers, the first foray into video content can be a scary one. If you’re not prepared, wading into new territory can easily leave you frustrated, disoriented, and super stressed out. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of questions that every marketer should ask themselves before starting a new video project.

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Busting Video Production Myths

Four Video Production Myths That We Can’t Wait to Bust

People are really into video. Like, really into it. To the tune of 6 million unique views on YouTube every single day.

Most of the time, that’s amazing for us as producers of video marketing content. Unfortunately, the public fascination with video has also created some dangerous video production myths that are in serious need of busting.

Here’s our top list of video production myths and misconceptions:

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Short-Form Video: Marketing to Goldfish

According to a consumer insight study, the human attention span has diminished to less than that of a goldfish. Learn about the role short-form video plays in marketing to decreasing attention spans.

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Production Spotlight: Editing

Production Spotlight :  Editing A lot of people think that what they see on television, movie theaters or online is exactly the way it came out of the video camera. They couldn’t be more wrong. There are countless hours of hard work and team collaboration that happen behind the scenes in Post Production after the raw...

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Targeting a Millennial Audience

Want to target a millennial audience?  Digiday has some tips for publishers that could apply just as easily to video content. “I don’t think the case for writing for or advertising to ‘millennials’ is a particularly strong one,” said Jamie Beckland vp, marketing at Janrain . “It doesn’t make sense to think of them all as...

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Video Marketing: Our Predictions for 2015

It’s the new year, which means everyone is posting their year in reviews and predictions for next year. Of course, that also means Q4 projects coming in just before annual budgets roll over.  Combine that with a refreshed website and you get one super swamped DVI team, which has put us slightly behind on our...

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