Virtual Events

Microcorp Virtual Event - Video

MicroCorp: A Super Virtual Event

Headquartered in Atlanta, MicroCorp is a super agile master agent for telecommunications. In other words, they provide business development services to a specific group of sales agents working in the telecommunications sector. Their job is to empower salespeople to grow their business and represent huge telecommunications players with passion-players like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and Zoom...

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Virtual Event on a Laptop Computer Screen

5 Ways to Guarantee a Successful Virtual Event

Virtual is the new normal. At this point, it’s unavoidable. For our safety, your safety, and the safety of everyone everywhere, any event typically held in larger groups has now been switched to a format made much more of pixels than of people. But here at DVI, we’re not just accepting that new normal. We’re...

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