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Protective Life Event Video

Protective Life Event Video

The Mission:  Evoking Emotion with Video

Evoking emotion with video can be one of the strongest tactics for video marketers looking to inspire feelings of inspiration or brand loyalty.  When Protective Life asked The DVI Group to help build an inspirational event video for the opening of their annual sales conference, we saw opportunity. We needed to build a video that would empower the sales force, and pump them up for a new year of sales goals.

The Strategy:  Mood Over Message

Facts and figures can be very powerful tools when you’re looking to convince an audience, but if you’re looking to inspire, data driven approaches just aren’t going to cut it for most people.  Numbers, data, and even targeted messaging points are all rational, analytical, and left brain centric ways to communicate with your audience.

In order to create passion, drive, and energy in the Protective Life sales team, we knew we couldn’t rely purely on numbers.

Instead of worrying about how to leave our audience with a specific message, we started with the feeling we wanted to inspire and moved backwards.  In this case, we wanted to empower the sales force, and appeal to their natural competitive nature with a challenge.  Using the metaphor of a high stakes race, we challenged the attendees to step their game up.

The Result:  Event Video that Creates Buzz

The finished video uses dramatic lighting, time warps, and amazing performance to create an image of the salesman as a force to be reckoned with.  Protective wanted their sales force to feel empowered, energized, and ready for the new sales year, and they were thrilled with the results.

By evoking emotion with video, Protective Life and The DVI Group teamed up to create an event video that really made the event memorable for everyone in attendance.


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