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Reaching a Reluctant Audience with a Simple Video Production

F&I Express makes software that helps auto dealerships streamline their aftermarket processing (things like insurance, warranties, etc.).  Their problem?  Car dealers are what we’d call a reluctant audience.

They don’t have a lot of time to spend engaging with marketing or sales people, they tend to stick with what they know and avoid new technology, and they can’t afford to spend time learning new software or processes.  Reaching a reluctant audience with video will mean tackling each of these objections one by one.

Make Advertising Digestible with A Simple Video Production

The first objection we need to tackle is the dealer’s busy schedule, which keeps him from engaging with sales or marketing. We want to make sure our video is considerate of that.  Of course, this objection is hardly unique to dealers.  Everyone is over saturated with media these days.

Making sure our video marketing is short and engaging is already one of our best practices for video. Instead of building a comprehensive 2 minute corporate video, we’ll break the messages down into shorter, simple chunks by building a video marketing campaign.  By segmenting our content, we don’t lose any core messaging points, but we make our advertising more digestible for the audience.

Answer Objections While Telling the Story

Our second objection is a little trickier.  We need to sell a software solution to a tech averse audience.  How can we do that? By showing them that their existing technology is making their life harder.

In this case, that’s easy, since F&I Express replaces an archaic 1960s piece of technology – the impact printer.  In the impact printer we get marketing gold.  We have a technological scapegoat, a symbol for the need to change, and a great comedic visual for our campaign.  By using the impact printer as a plot device in the story, we can solve the second objection stylistically without devoting extra screen time to messaging!

We have a technological scapegoat, a symbol for the need to change, and a great comedic visual for our campaign.
With the impact printer, have a technological scapegoat, a symbol for the need to change, and a great comedic visual for our campaign.

Messaging Points Based Around Ease of Use

Finally, we need to convince the dealer that F&I software will help his business run more smoothly.  This one we can tackle head on, since it’s exactly what F&I Express is designed to do.  We base our messaging points around ease of use and business objectives.

In this case, we will build three spots around three features of the product.  The first video is about ease of use, the second is about eliminating processing mistakes, and the third is about customer satisfaction.  We can address our dealer’s main concern head on by highlighting the features of the product.  That’s a win-win when you’re talking about reaching a reluctant audience.

The Results: A Business Video with Heart

In the final video, we highlight the connection between humans and technology literally by focusing on a car dealer’s “relationship” with his impact printer.

By adding heart and common experience to the video production script, we’re able to bring the messaging points home very quickly while still appealing to our customer.  Sometimes you need to pull out all the stops, but when your goal is reaching a reluctant audience, a simple video production might be your best solution.

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