talking heads

Looking Good on Video

At The DVI Group we pride ourselves on making you look great on camera. We use only the best makeup and hair artists for our video productions. It’s important to consider the benefits of using these talented artists. In order to help our characters achieve certain looks we make sure to always pay attention to...

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Looking Good

Some of our productions involve clients that ask their CEO, Medical Director, Sales Manager, etc. to speak on camera on behalf of their company. Some people panic knowing they will be in front of a camera, but don’t worry, The DVI Group has plenty of experience and lots of suggestions for making you look good...

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Tip – Talking Heads

Ok, you think your website needs a video. Your competitors have one, and you really want to tell your story to everyone that visits your website. You may also be thinking that you can tell the story best. Well, just being exposed to informational stimulus on video is not a guarantee that viewers will pay attention...

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