JVIONCorporate Overview

The future has arrived. JVION offers unrivaled cognitive computing power to healthcare providers. Their machine can predict, prevent, and treat illness and chronic conditions.

Their system is so sophisticated that they are in a category of computing all by themselves – far removed from other artificial intelligence and predictive analytics systems. But with subject matter as dense and intimidating as cognitive computing, explaining that category differentiation to customers was a major challenge.

We built this corporate overview video to show how complex technology can create an elegant solution for care providers.

Allison Kavanagh, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Communications for JVION had this to say about the production.

“We are a small, Atlanta-based cognitive science company focused on healthcare. This past year, we hit a critical point as a company and needed to do two things: sharpen our message and accelerate our growth. The DVI Group has been a critical, strategic partner in helping us reach our goals. The team took a very difficult concept (machine learning) and created a stunning, engaging, elegant video. They went beyond just the “deliverable” to include all aspects of the message, the visual, and the entire story line. What the DVI Group provided (and continue to provide) is a path and tool set that will accelerate our sales cycle, drive interest and understanding of our solution, and ensure that our brand and our technology are differentiated and elevated in value and concept. But what is maybe even more important is how the DVI Group is an integrated member of our team. Whenever we need something, they are there. And they go above and beyond—in communication, client focus, and talent—to ensure that we have all the assets we need to succeed. Any company looking to extend its brand and its market reach should look to the DVI Group as the expert team that can help them reach that next level.”